IB Event in Batam

3 03 2008

Hi all who attended the IB PYP Indonesia event on 1 March 2008. Below is Paviter Singh’s presentation in PDF format. Additional links are:

http://www.chemalive.info for podcasts on chemistry


http://www.pavitersingh.com for more material on technology in education, tips and tricks on technology use 

 Paviter’s Presentation


Free screen capture app for Leopard

6 12 2007

Capture your screen as a movie, while recording your voice. Simple interface, just select movie quality and start the capture: 


Download Berio from http://www.juniortan.com

This app was created for educators in collaboration with Thomas Bohm

Leopard for Educators Redux

17 10 2007

Guys and Gals, this is official! Leopard launches 26 Oct! For those who are interested, we can have an UNOFFICIAL meetup on Saturday for a simple review. As mentioned below. we will explore features, enhancements and education related stuff. There’s also a software I have been working on for screen recordings; works only in Leopard, and I will need beta testers 🙂

Please note that this is an UNOFFICIAL meetup. Not endorsed by my employers in any way.

Tentative date and location: Saturday 27 Oct at 5pm, Indochine Siem Reap @ Holland Village. I am buying drinks 🙂 Please email me off-blog if you are attending.

As this is our own little thing, resources are limited, but I will bring along 2 demo machines for you guys to hands-on 🙂

Leopard for Educators

15 10 2007

For Singapore educators on this site:

1 week after the official announcement, shall we meetup for an educators’ review of Leopard? We can do this at Apple or Ishop (to up you guys) from about 3pm to 5pm on a weekday. Agenda will be on:

1. General new features of Leopard
2. Education-specific features and how to use them
3. New 3rd party applications for education on Leopard, including one I just wrote 😉

if interested, please email me off-blog with your name, school, subject/s taught and I will bug you when Leopard comes a-calling!

Comic Life no longer bundled

20 09 2007

Important message – Comic Life is no longer bundled with new machines, effective about a month ago. Education pricing is available at the plasq website. Am looking for alternatives,will keep you guys updated.

Gantt Project

20 09 2007

Project management. Gantt Charts. Free.

I just started working on a project with a couple of students, and we’ll be using this software to track the progress. We should start early getting our kids to learn project planning and management using tools like these, don’t you think?
Click here to go to Gantt Project

Look what A dug up!

10 08 2007

The olde ACOT research report…

Apple Classrooms Of Tomorrow